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What to Watch: October’s Movie and TV Guide

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Happy horror month guys.

With Halloween coming up later this month, most streaming services plan to unveil their best Horror offerings in October. From Amazon’s Welcome To The Blumhouse to The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Craft Legacy, Horror fans have a lot to look forward to this October.

However, if you are not a fan of horror, fret not. There are many other enjoyable genres of Movies, Series, and Animations to Watch this month.

And so here’s What to Watch in October 2020.

1. Welcome To The Blumhouse Part 1- Black Box and The Lie (October 6th)

Amazon prime and horror master Jason Blum have teamed up to deliver a collection of disturbing movies all under one roof titled, Welcome Blumhouse.

Welcome To The BlumHouse (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The Horror collection will feature eight films, with the first four debuting this October on Amazon’s Prime Video.

The first quarter kicks off on October 6th, with Black Box and The Lie arriving on prime video. While the other two movies, Nocturne and Evil Eye, debuts on October 13th.

You can check out trailers for the first two movies below.

Black Box

Where to Watch Black Box: Coming soon

After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, Black Box sees a single father undergo an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.

The Lie

Where to Watch The Lie: Coming Soon

The Lie sees a father and daughter are on their way to dance camp when they spot the girl’s best friend on the side of the road. When they stop to offer the friend a ride, their good intentions soon result in terrible consequences.

2. Movie: Books of Blood (October 7th)

Where to Watch Books of Blood: Coming Soon

Books of Blood is a journey into uncharted and forbidden territory through three tales tangled in space and time.

3. Movie: Charm City Kings (October 8th)

Where to Watch Charm City Kings :

Charm City Kings follows Fourteen-year-old Mouse, who desperately wants to join the Midnight Clique, an infamous group of Baltimore dirt-bike riders who rule the summertime streets.

4. Series: The Haunting of Bly Manor  (October 9th)

Where to Watch The Haunting of Bly Manor :

From the producers of The Haunting of Hill House, comes the second installment in the Haunting Anthology, The Haunting of Bly Manor.

After an au pair’s tragic death, Henry Wingrave hires a young American nanny to care for his orphaned niece and nephew, who reside at Bly Manor. But all is not as it seems at the manor, and centuries of dark secrets of love and loss are waiting to be unearthed in this chilling gothic romance. At Bly Manor, dead doesn’t mean gone.

5. Animation: Batman: Death in the Family (October 13th)

Where to Watch Batman: Death in the Family:

Based on the iconic comic book story, Batman: Death in the Family is DC’s first interactive animated movie, where you get to decide the direction of Jason Todd’s fate.

The Animated movie will also feature four other animated shorts: Adam Strange, Sgt. Rock, The Phantom Stranger, and Death.

6. Welcome To The Blumhouse Part 2- Evil Eye and Nocturne (October 13th)

The Second Quarter of the Welcome Blumhouse Horror Collection continues on October 13th, with Evil Eye and Nocturne.

Evil Eye

Where to Watch Evil Eye : Coming Soon

Evil Eye follows a superstitious mother, who is convinced that her daughter’s new boyfriend is the reincarnation of a man who tried to kill her 30 years ago.


Where to Watch Nocturne : Coming Soon

Nocturne sees an incredibly gifted pianist make a Faustian bargain to overtake her older sister at a prestigious institution for classical musicians.

7. Movie: The Trial of The Chicago 7  (October 16th)

Where to Watch The Trial of The Chicago 7 :

Based on the infamous Trial of 1969, The Trial of The Chicago 7 follows the True story of seven defendants who were charged by the US federal government with conspiracy and other crimes from the protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

8. Series: Helstrom (October 16th )

Where to Watch Helstrom: Coming Soon

Daimon and Ana Helstrom are the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. The siblings have a complicated dynamic as they track down the terrorizing worst of humanity – each with their attitude and skills.

9. Movie: Rebecca  (October 21st )

Where to Watch Rebecca :

Rebecca sees a young Newlywed arrive at her husband’s family estate, only to find herself fighting the shadow of his first wife, whose legacy lives on in the house long after her death.

10. Movie: The Witches (October 22nd)

Where to Watch The Witches :

The Witches is a fun adventure that sees a young boy stumbles onto a secret coven of child-hating witches as they plot to turn the world’s children into mice.

11. Miniseries: The Queen’s Gambit (October 23rd)

Where to Watch The Queen’s Gambit:

Set during the Cold War era, The Queen’s Gambit follows orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmon, who struggles with drug addiction, while on a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world.

12. Movie: Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (October 23rd)

Where to Watch BORAT: SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM : Coming Soon

BORAT: SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM is a follow-up film to the 2006 comedy centering on the real-life adventures of a fictional Kazakh television journalist named Borat.

13. Movie: On the Rocks (October 23rd)

Where to Watch On the Rocks :

On the Rocks sees a young woman and her impulsive father, go on an adventure to find out if her husband is having an affair.

14. Movie: The Craft: Legacy (October 28th)

Where to Watch The CraftLegacy : Coming Soon

The CraftLegacy is a sequel to the iconic ’90s film and follows a modern-day coven of teenage witches who, with their newfound powers, start to create chaos

15. Movie: His House (October 30th)

Where to Watch His House :

His House sees a refugee couple make a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan. But just when they think the worst is over, the couple struggles to adjust to their new life in an English town that has an evil lurking beneath the surface.

16. Series: The Mandalorian Season 2 (October 30th)

Where to Watch The Mandalorian :

The Mandalorian returns for its second season, and sees the child and Mando continue their journey through the dangerous galaxy.

What Are You Watching This October?

Feel free to tell us down in the comments or on Twitter What Movie ( Horror or otherwise) you would be watching this month. Have a Happy Halloween.

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