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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Review: A Complete MasterPiece

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Last week’s episode of Attack on Titan was every bit as amazing as I imagined. Ever since I read the manga, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see anime’s version of The assault on Marley, and so far, they have not disappointed me. The entire episode felt like a proper war. And asides from the story itself, it was all thanks to the anime’s incredible soundtrack and quality animation.

However, even though I loved every portion of this brilliant chapter, they were five major moments that stood out for me.

Don’t worry anime-only fans, I won’t spoil anything from the manga.

5. The Scouts Vs. The Cart Titan

Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan Season 4)
Sasha Braus

One massively underrated moment from this episode was The Scouts taking out the Cart Titan. Specifically Jean and Sasha. The move was not only brutal but incredibly well executed. And even though I love Pieck’s character (for reasons that will soon become clear), I still enjoyed seeing her unit go down.

Since the start of the raid on Marley, I’ve been excited to see how much everyone within The Survey Corps have grown since we last saw them.

Seeing Sasha develop from a food addict into a merciless sniper has been very satisfying. And both Jean and Connie have definitely become more ruthless since the last season. However, the scouts still have a long way before the battle is won. And luckily, they have the best person on the job.

4. Armin’s Arrival

Armin's Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan Season 4)
Armin’s Colossal Titan

They are several insane moments from the Attack on Titan manga I can’t wait to see animated. And Armin’s explosive entrance was definitely one of them.

The scale of the blast from his transformation was just jaw-dropping. And the effects helped The Scouts turn the tide of the battle. However, although he had just committed mass genocide, I was happy Armin’s personality hadn’t changed.

Even though this was his plan, you could see the regret in Armin’s eyes before and after he murdered all those people. And knowing Armin, this guilt will stay with him forever.

3. Reiner, Falco, and Gabi

Reiner's Armoured TItan (Attack on Titan Season 4)
Reiner’s Armoured TItan

One thing I appreciate about this episode is how it tells the story from both sides of the conflict. Thanks to this, we’re able to understand the wants and frustrations of major players within the story, such as Reiner. 

Since the start of this season, Reiner has been tormented by the guilt of his past actions. However, the only reason he hasn’t killed himself yet is because he wants to stop his cousin Gabi from inheriting his Titan and suffering the same fate as him.

At this point in his life, saving Gabi is Reiner’s only goal. And this is the reason why when she and Falco scream for his help, Reiner powers through his exhaustion to face Eren in the episode’s finale.

2. Levi Vs. Zeke

The Beast Titan Falls Again (Attack on Titan Season 4)
The Beast Titan Falls Again

Ever Since the mission to take back Wall Maria, every Attack on Titan fan has looked forward to the day that Levi finally kills Zeke. And while this episode was not that day, it was so satisfying to see Levi bring down that dammed Monkey to his knees (again).

Last season, Zeke nearly exterminated the entire Survey Corps, and had it not been for Erwin’s incredible plan, they would be no Scouts today. Before he died, Erwin’s final command to Levi was to kill Zeke, and Levi will not rest until he fulfills those orders. 

1. The Fate of The War Hammer Titan

The Jaw And War Hammer Titan (Attack on Titan Season 4)
The Jaw And War Hammer Titan

Eren mercilessly using Porco’s Jaw Titan to break the War Hammer’s crystal was the best part of the entire episode. The whole fight sequence was amazing, and the emotions on everyone’s face as Eren ate Lara Tybur said it all.

However, while Porco lost to Eren and Misaka, this outcome wasn’t unexpected.

Unlike the rest of Marley’s warrior unit, Galliard has no idea of what The Scouts can do because he has never faced them before. And it’s for this very reason that Pieck warns Porco to approach them with caution. But when Zeke and Pieck fall, Porco rushes in without thinking and soon finds himself at Eren’s mercy.

With the Founding Titan, The Attack Titan, and The War Hammer Titan, Eren is now officially the strongest Titan shifter in the series.


Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7:Assault
Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7: Assault

Name: Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7:Assault


With just seven episodes, the fourth season of Attack on Titan has already become one to remember. However, they are still many incredible moments ahead of the series. Most of which will leave fans shocked and divided.

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