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The Boys Season 2

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House of The Dragon Episode 10 Review

House of the Dragon episode 10:The Black Queen, begins with Princess Rhaenys arriving at Dragonstone to inform Rhaenyra about Viserys’ death and the coup in King’s Landing. Shocked by her father’s passing and Alicent’s betrayal, the news overwhelms Rhaenyra, which…

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House of The Dragon Episode 8 Review

With Lord Corlys Valeryon seriously injured and his nephew Leanor officially dead, House of The Dragon Episode 8 :The Lord of the Tides, kicks off when Vaemond Valeryon petitions the crown to decide who shall inherit Driftmark. 

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House of the Dragon Episode 3 Review

House Dragon Episode 3: Family Feud, focuses on King of Viserys’ two biggest headaches: Prince Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra. While Daemon’s War on the stepstones takes a turn for the worst, Rhaenyra defies her father and refuses to take a husband.

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The Boys Season 3 Review

You know, after the epic clash between Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Homelander at Herogasm, I wasn’t sure where else The Boys season 3 could go. But sure enough, The Boys Season 3 delivered a satisfying conclusion for…

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Loki TV Series Full Season 1 Recap & Review

Marvel’s Loki series concluded last Wednesday. And though I had my issues with the show, overall, I enjoyed the new dive into the god of mischief. The true story of the series questions if Free will actually exists or if everything in The MCU is predetermined. And…

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