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The Gentlemen Netflix TV Series Review (Season 1)

The Gentlemen TV series follows Eddie Halstead who upon inheriting his family estate discovers that it is home to an enormous weed empire, and its owners aren’t going anywhere.

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Road House 2024 Movie Review

Road House is an action movie remake that sees an EX-UFC fighter Dalton Elwwod, take a bouncer Job at a Florida Keys Road House. But soon after he takes the job, Dalton discovers that this paradise is not all it seems. 

Gen V Episode 7 Review: Sick

Gen V Episode 7 is the episode with all the answers. After weeks of speculating, we finally learn why Dean Shetty hates superheroes so much, and her plans for the virus.

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House of The Dragon Episode 10 Review

House of the Dragon episode 10:The Black Queen, begins with Princess Rhaenys arriving at Dragonstone to inform Rhaenyra about Viserys’ death and the coup in King’s Landing. Shocked by her father’s passing and Alicent’s betrayal, the news overwhelms Rhaenyra, which…

House of The Dragon Episode 9 Review

House of The Dragon Episode 9: The Green Council, kicks off moments after the death of King Viserys Targaryen. And almost immediately, his family falls apart, and the plot to steal the throne begins.

House of The Dragon Episode 8 Review

With Lord Corlys Valeryon seriously injured and his nephew Leanor officially dead, House of The Dragon Episode 8 :The Lord of the Tides, kicks off when Vaemond Valeryon petitions the crown to decide who shall inherit Driftmark. 

House of the Dragon Episode 7 Review

House of The Dragon episode 7: Driftmark, kicks off with the funeral of Laena Velaryon. But despite the loss of a loved one, The lords and ladies of Westeros still make out time to play some dirty politics.

House of the Dragon Episode 5 Review

House of the Dragon: Episode 5:We Light the Way, brings about the marriage between Rhaenyra and Ser Leanor Valeryon. In other news, Rhaenyra earns her self two new enemies.