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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Review: A Painful But Necessary Evil

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Last week’s episode of Attack On Titan was a solemn one, as it marked the first major death of a Scout since Commander Erwin. Yes, Sasha Braus is dead. And though her passing was painful, we’ll touch on why it was necessary, along with two other important moments in this episode. 

Warning, mild spoilers ahead. Click here to skip to The Verdict.

1. Sasha’s Death

Sasha's Death (Attack on Titan season 4 Episode 8 Review)
Sasha’s Death

Finally, anime fans can join manga readers in paying their respects to one of the happiest characters of the entire series. Even though I knew it was coming, Sasha’s death was still every bit as painful as when I first read the manga. 

Props to MAPPA studios for perfectly capturing the moment when our number one potato girl passed. From Connie’s shocked look to Armin and Mikasa’s tears, it was impossible to not feel the loss.

But while Sasha’s death was tragic, it was also a necessary evil, that will heavily influence everyone’s story moving forward (Most especially Gabi). This episode is also not the last time we’ll see Sasha this season, as in the near future, the series will explain how she and the rest of Paradis’ forces groomed themselves to their current state.

Sasha was a brilliant character who dedicated her heart to the mission for the sake of her friends. And for that, we will always remember her. 

2. Gabi

Gabi Braun (Attack on Titan season 4 Episode 8 Review)
Gabi Braun

I know right now everyone hates Gabi (and for good reason). But I implore you all to take a minute from your rage to see things from her perspective. 

Gabi is the perfect example of how effective Marley is at brainwashing children. And from her point of view, the raid on Marley is just further evidence of why the people of Paradis are evil.

All her life, Gabi was told the reason she and her family suffered was because of the Demons of Eldia. And then one evening, those same demons came into her home, killed her best friends, and utterly humiliated all her heroes and role models.

From Gabi’s perspective, all the stories she read about Paradis are true, and they deserve to die. 

The reason Falco doesn’t feel the same way because he was present for Eren and Reiner’s conversation. And so he understands why this attack is happening.

But despite their understanding (or lack thereof), both Falco and Gabi still see the world as black and white. Where the people of Paradis are evil, and The Marleyans are the good guys. And this is why it was important for them to see who was really behind the raid on Marley. 

This revelation is the first step in Gabi finally realizing that the people of Paradis and Marley are all the same.

3. The Bigger Picture (Eren and Zeke)

The Yeager Brothers (Attack on Titan season 4 Episode 8 Review)
The Yeager Brothers

The other shocker from this episode was the reveal that Zeke Yeager was behind the raid on Marley. And in the coming episodes, the series will explain why it seems likes Zeke’s loyalties have changed.

But while Zeke’s plan was a success, make no mistake, Paradis is not happy with this alliance. And there will be consequences for this reckless plan. By traveling to Marley on his own, Eren forced his country into a war they are not ready for. And because of his actions, the world’s united armies will soon descend upon the island Nation of Paradis.

In the end, it was Hange who summed the situation up perfectly. By placing his trust in his friends, Eren has completely lost their confidence. And this lost faith in Eren will heavily affect the story moving forward.


Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 : Assassin's Bullet
Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 : Assassin's Bullet

Name: Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 : Assassin's Bullet


Attack On Titan Episode 8 is a shocking reminder that not all our favorite characters will make it out of this season alive. In this war between Paradis and the world, both sides will suffer multiple casualties, and so the episode tries to prepare us for the worst.

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