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Castlevania Season 2: Dracula at War With Himself

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Castlevania returns with a season packed with Deception, Manipulation, and Blood (lots of Blood).

However, rather than immediately give us the epic showdown between Dracula and his Son, Alucard. The series introduces fans to new characters in the form of Dracula’s Devil Forge Masters and war Generals.

Similar to a typical episode of Game of Thrones, Castlevania’s second season partly focuses on the schemes that quietly brew in the background, while Dracula’s war on humanity continues.

It’s at this point we’re introduced to Carmilla of Styria. While secretly pushing her own agenda, the vampire mistress wastes no time exploiting the division within Dracula’s Generals.

Carmilla and Godbrand (Credit: Netflix)

However, out of all of the generals, Godbrand remains the most eccentric. The Vampire general is the literal definition of a Viking who lives to fight and kill.

But what about our brave heroes? Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard.

Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard. (Castlevania Season 2)

Still hell-bent on killing Alucard’s father, the gang travels to the ancestral home of the Belmont family to find a way to stop Dracula and his army of Night hordes.

Now, from the very first season, I have always found Castlevania’s fight sequences to be Top Notch. But this season surpasses expectations and establishes each member of the group as a capable fighter in their own right.

While Alucard proved he could take a severe beating, Trevor’s skillful and resourceful nature never failed to leave me impressed. The real surprise, however, came from Sypha’s Magical skills. Her deadly use of the elements was a sight to behold and solidified her as a major badass.

But if there is a word that sums up Castlevania season 2, it’s emptiness.

After his wife’s death, Dracula loses to his will to live. By the start of season 2, his only driving force is to see the total annihilation of the people that killed his wife. So when Alucard and his allies come to deprive Dracula of his vengeance on humanity, he unleashes unholy hell.

The best part of the fight between Dracula and his son is that fight makes it clear that Alucard has no hope of winning.

Even when Trevor and Sypha help, they only succeed in making the vampire Lord even angrier. However, their saving grace comes when Dracula, realizes he’s moments away from killing his child. And decides to let Alucard and Sypha put him out of his misery.

But we all know that had fight continued, they would have been fresh graves outside Dracula’s castle.


Castlevania season 2 Rating

While Castlevania season 2 starts slow, but it elevates certain characters into strategic positions of power for the next season.

However, if all you want is a brutal display of fighting and magical skill, trust me, you’re in the right place.

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