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Castlevania Season 4 Review: A Fitting Conclusion to an Awesome Series

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After four incredible years of amazing storytelling, Castlevania went out with a bang in its fourth and final season. 

For many characters, the final season of the Netflix series brought a satisfying and well-earned conclusion to their respective stories. And by the end, the show had delivered on most of the promises it had set up since season two. (Heck, it even brought a few surprises)

One of the many brilliant things Castlevania Season 4 does is expand on certain plot points from previous seasons. However, rather focus on four different stories like season 3, Castlevania season 4 skilfully merges each character’s arc into two main stories: The Return of Dracula and Carmilla’s conquest for power.

Spoilers ahead. Click to skip to verdict.

Carmilla vs. Isaac

Carmilla vs. Isaac (Castlevania Season 4 Review)
Carmilla vs. Isaac (Credit: Netflix)

If there was one fight that was long overdue in Castlevania, it’s Carmilla vs. Isaac.

After Dracula’s fall, Isaac swore vengeance on those who betrayed his former master. And throughout last season, the Forgemaster spent his time amassing an Army of night creatures to help exact his revenge.

But then something changed.

After spending so much time despising his own race, Isaac finally got the chance to experience humanity’s better side.  And this helped him realize that there’s just as much good as there’s evil in this world. So rather than seek revenge, Issac evolved his plan into wanting to build a better world. One that would preserve and nurture humanity’s kindness.

However, Carmilla had other plans.

No longer satisfied with just conquering all of Europe, the vampire queen sets her sights on the rest of the world. And it’s because of this endless lust for power that her clash with Isaac was inevitable. 

The fight between Carmilla and Isaac was truly epic and well-choreographed. Isaac’s skills as a forge master and fighter were on full display and were essential to his assault on Carmilla’s castle. But what truly helped Isaac overwhelm the vampire queen of Styria was the help he got from Hector. 

The last two seasons of Castlevania have been anything but kind to Hector. And after Carmilla and her sisters put him through hell, Hector became determined to correct his mistakes.

Without his help, Isaac would have faced an uphill battle fighting Carmilla along with her forces and Hector’s Night creatures. But thanks to his old friend, Carmilla found herself trapped within the barrier and surrounded by hundreds of Isaac’s monsters.

But even with all this, the vampire queen still put up an awesome fight. 

While she’s never been my favorite character, I had nothing but respect for Carmilla during her face-off with Isaac.  Despite being outnumbered and exhausted, she still tore through several night creatures while also fighting Isaac. And had it not been for his monsters, Isaac would have died on multiple occasions. 

In the end, Castlevania gave Carmilla the dignity of bowing out on her own terms. And unsurprisingly, the vampire queen died the same she lived, proud and angry with the world.

Dracula’s Return

Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha (Castlevania Season 4 Review)
Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha (Credit: Netflix)

As teased in the trailer, the fourth season of Castlevania kicks off with a group of vampires trying to revive Dracula from Hell. And after weeks of following their trail of death and destruction, Trevor and Sypha tracked them to the city where it all began, Targoviste (the city where Dracula’s wife was burnt alive).

To everyone’s surprise, the city still had survivors. However, it’s here our heroes realize that the vampires were searching for a certain Artifact that would them find Dracula’s castle.

Speaking of which? 

After receiving a cry for help from a nearby village, Alucard left his father’s castle to aid these people in their fight against the night creatures. But once the fighting was over, Alucard spots a familiar face from last season, in the person of Saint-German.

When we last saw Saint-German he had fallen into a wormhole called the Infinite corridor, searching for the love of his life. Instead, he comes across a strange woman who explains how the only way to find his lover is to resurrect Dracula and his wife from hell and use their combined essence to control the infinite corridor. 

This plan became Saint-German’s driving force, and throughout the season, the man sacrifices every shred of his morality to achieve it. But after offering hundreds of souls to the corridor, Saint Germain realizes that he’s been played by Death itself (or at least the spirit that feeds on it). And this left Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard to clean up his mess.

I’ve always thought Castlevania’s fight scenes were top-notch, but this season’s big fight at Dracula’s castle really left me beyond impressed. 

Trevor’s skill and battle experience as a Belmont monster hunter remains formidable and irreplaceable, while Alucard’s vampire powers dominated the battlefield. But it was Sypha who stole the entire series with her lethal elemental magic.

With each passing season, Sypha has gotten stronger and creative with her fire and ice powers. But for the final season, she turned things up to an eleven by introducing her lightning magic. 

Together, the monster-slaying trio were neigh unstoppable, and they showed how much they’ve improved since their battle against Dracula.

However, all this was just a warm-up for the final boss fight of the series. And like the boss that he is, Trevor stepped up to face Death itself alone.  This led to an incredibly stunning fight between the monster hunter and the grim reaper. But thanks to his invaluable experience and knowledge (and a little help from Saint Germain), Trevor Belmont fought Death and lived to tell the tale. 

The final scene of Castlevania was a touching reunion between friends and comrades. As the show ended, every one of its incredible characters looked forward to a better world and future. 


Castlevania Season 4
Castlevania Season 4

Name: Castlevania Season 4


Castlevania season 4 was a proper conclusion to an excellent animated series. Despite having several characters spanning its vast world, the show managed to bring every character’s story and arc to a satisfying end. For me, this season’s fight scenes stood above the rest, and I appreciate that the showrunners took the time to make each one unique. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the Castlevania series. And even though this is the show’s final season, I hope we get to revisit this mysterious but amazing world soon.

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