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Justice Society: World War II Review

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Justice society World War II was one of three awesome animations I caught last week. (The other two being Demon Slayer and Invincible’s Finale). And while it wasn’t perfect, the latest DC animated movie was largely entertaining. 

What’s interesting about JS World War II is how the movie starts as a Flash story. 

After a team-up with Superman goes haywire, the else world movie sees The Flash accidentally travel to a world where The Justice Society of America are aiding Allied Forces in World War II. But before you think this is just another Flashpoint, the movie goes out of its way to show that this world is not an altered timeline, but rather a different world with a different history. 

Meet the Justice Society of America

If there’s one thing JS World War II accomplishes, it’s depicting a formidable Justice Society of America. 

While not the traditional lineup, the heroes on this iteration of the JSA were still more than capable. And at the head of this badass team was the amazon warrior princess herself, Wonder Woman.

As expected, Diana was a force to reckon with. And throughout the movie, she used her incredible strength, skill, and battle experience to put the Nazi army to shame.

However, the rest of the JSA wasn’t left out. 

Hourman’s strength was impressive, and both Black Canary and Hawkman made an awesome unit. However, if I had to choose the show-stealers of the movie, it would be The Flashes Jay Garrick and Barry Allen. 

Jay Garrick and Barry Allen (Justice Society:World War II )
Jay Garrick and Barry Allen (Credit: WB Animations)

I have always thought The Flash was one of DC’s most useful heroes, and JS World War II proves it. The movie put both speedsters on full display and ceased every scene to show their creativity with their powers. 

It was fun to see Barry thinking on his feet and using everything from phasing through objects to generating electricity and wind pressure to achieve his mission. 

But as much as Justice society World War II brilliantly develops its characters, the movie also left me wanting more from this new world. 

The Untold Stories of JS World War II

One of the best aspects of watching an else world movie is seeing how stories from the main universe play out differently. And JS War World II was no exception. 

Throughout the story, the DC animated movie references various events that occurred in this world’s past. However, rather than expand on them, most of these stories are casually mentioned and never discussed again. 

I mean, stories like the fall of Themyscira or how Doctor Fate became a POW are the kind of DC stories fans want to see. And I hope if we ever get a sequel to JS World War II, that the movie expands more on these plot points. 

Abrupt Ending

Aquaman (Justice Society: World War II)
Aquaman in Justice Society: World War II (Credit: WB Animations)

Despite its great character development and incredible action my one disappointment with JS World War II was its inconclusive ending. 

After a stellar fight between Wonder Woman and Aquaman and the JSA successfully stopping an even worse attack on New York, the movie suddenly ends without a proper resolution. But what was even more strange is how the JSA still blames Aquaman for the attack on America despite knowing that he was Brainwashed.

And so, by the end of the movie, we’re left wondering if the world declares war on Atlantis and retaliate for the attack. Or if they continue to focus on the main fight. 

I mean, I appreciated that movie’s ending tied back to its background story about taking risks with love. However, I wished it came after the animated film had properly concluded its main story. 


Justice Society: World War II
Justice Society: World War II

Movie title: Justice Society: World War II


Though the ending could have been better, Justice society World War II was a nice deviation from the norm. The movie did justice to every member of The JSA and finally gave the Flash his due as a hero. If you’re looking for nice action-packed DC animation to watch over the weekend, then JS War World II is the one. 

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