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The Best Episodes of Star Wars: Visions

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Star Wars Visions is an anthology series made up of nine different stories, all of whom flawlessly combine the anime genre with new characters set in the Star Wars Universe.

However, despite enjoying the series overall, they were certain episodes that stood above the rest. And so here are my picks for the best episodes of Star Wars Visions. 

Mild Spoilers Ahead

1. The Ninth Jedi (Star Wars Visions Ep 5)

(The Ninth Jedi- Star Wars Visions)
Kara (The Ninth Jedi- Credit: Disneyplus)

When it comes to skillful storytelling and combat, no other episode in Star Wars Visions does it as well as The Ninth Jedi. 

Kicking off with a secret message to all Jedis in the area, the episode sees seven Jedi apprentices come to a strange castle to receive Lightsabers from the mysterious Margrave. But when the apprentices meet no one, the episode all but suggests that the entire meeting is a trap to lure Jedis out of hiding. 

However, in a twist I didn’t see coming, six of the attending apprentices reveal themselves as Sith acolytes, who came to kill the Jedi Master known as Margrave Juro. 

Though things get real once the Margrave shows up, the true MVP of the episode was none other than Kara, the daughter of Lightsaber smith who forges the new weapons.

Despite her young age, Kara puts all of her pursuers to shame and defeats the several Sith followers with her brilliant swordsmanship. And in doing so she earns her place as the Margrave’s Ninth Jedi.

But just when you think this episode couldn’t get any more perfect, The Ninth Jedi ends by revealing an awesome Easter egg.

2. The Duel (Star Wars Visions Ep 1)

The Ronin (Star Wars Visions)
The Ronin (Credit: Disneyplus)

As the first episode of the show, The Duel perfectly sets the tone for some of the best episodes of Star Wars Visions.

Not only does the episode deliver an epic showdown between two Sith Lords, but it also uses the traditional black & white anime format to show off its great animation. 

The episode kicks off when a mysterious Ronin steps in to defend a village from bandits and their Sith leader. And after doing the standard anime buildup, The Duel began. 

The battle between the Ronin and the Sith Bandit leader was a brilliant showcase of skill, strategy, and intuition. And despite being evenly matched, both characters found ways to give themselves the advantage over the other. However, what sealed this episode as a must-watch for me was the epic conclusion to the fight, as it showed how a single mistake can change the direction of a fight between two masters. 

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if we get a full series focused on the adventures of the Ronin, as the episode later reveals that our mysterious Wanderer is actually a former Sith who hunts down other Sith Lords.

3. The Elder (Star Wars Visions Ep 7)

The Elder (Credit: Disneyplus)
The Elder (Credit: Disneyplus)

Similar to The Duel, The Elder is a story of pure skill and strategy that is flawlessly brought to life thanks to its characters.

When Jedi Master Tajin and his Padawan Dan sense a dark presence on a planet, they go to investigate only to come across an elderly Sith Lord, thirsty for a good fight.

Though both fights within the episode are brief, neither of them lacked quality. And in the end, they both served the greater purpose of teaching the young Padawan that no one remains strong forever.

4. The Village Bride (Star Wars Visions Ep 4)

(The Village Bride- Star Wars Visions)
F (The Village Bride- Credit: Disneyplus)

The Village Bride is another episode of Star Wars Visions, where I wouldn’t mind getting full series on its protagonist, F.

Through various flashbacks, the episode makes it clear that F is one of the few Jedi survivors of the infamous order 66, and is currently hiding from the empire. 

And having lost so much, the young Jedi can’t help but step in when she witnesses a young bride sell her into the service of pirates to stop further raids on her village. Though F makes light work of the pirate leader, I would have preferred to see more of her combat prowess. (Most especially with her Lightsaber).

But I guess we can’t have it all.

5. Akakiri (Star Wars Visions Ep 9)

Akakiri - Credit:  Disneyplus
Sith Lord Massago (Akakiri – Credit: Disneyplus)

What’s interesting about Akakiri is how despite my intense I dislike for its animation style, the episode still manages to leave a strong impression with its very dark and haunting ending.  

After the King is overthrown by his Sith Lord sister Massago, a Jedi named Tsubaki returns to protect the princess Misa and help her reclaim her kingdom. But during the showdown, Tsubaki accidentally kills Misa. And in his despair, he falls for Massago’s temptation and uses the Dark Side of the force to bring the Princess back to life. 

Corrupted with Dark Side, our Jedi becomes Massago’s Apprentice, and together they leave to conquer the galaxy.

Told you it was dark.

Honourable Mention

Tatooine Rhapsody (Star Wars Visions Ep 2)

Tatooine Rhapsody (Credit: Disneyplus)
The Band (Credit: Disneyplus)

Tatooine Rhapsody is a genuine feel-good episode, that sees a band deliver an epic performance just to save one of their members from Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett.

Though the episode hints that the band’s lead singer Jay was once a Jedi apprentice who survived Order 66, it was also nice to get a mostly bloodless episode.


So those are my picks for best episodes from Star Wars Visions. What are yours? Let me know down in the comments. And if you still haven’t watched Star Wars Visions (but were fine with reading this spoiler post), then please make sure you check out all nine episodes on Disney Plus. The show is great, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy each episode. (Especially if you’re an anime fan).

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