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Movie Review: Why You Should Watch Prey 2022

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Whoever had the idea of placing The Predator in the early 1700s America deserves a raise. Prey (2022) is a fantastic film, that weaves Native American culture into its action story. The movie is also beautiful, and its captivating cinematography helped me sink into this epic period action film.

Prey (2022) follows Naru, a young but skillful Comanche warrior eager to prove herself to her tribe. However, when she goes for her hunt, Naru finds that her prey is a highly developed alien Predator who hunts humans and beasts for sport.

Taking place during colonial America, Prey (2022) gives us a little history lesson and touches on the adverse effects the new world explorers had on the Native American tribes. The movie shows how the colonizers slaughtered and wasted the carcasses of the Buffalo (a sacred and essential animal to the Native tribes) to starve and drive them off their lands. With them gone, the colonizers were free to settle on the grounds and build their communities. 

But I digress 

To no one’s surprise, the best aspect of Prey (2022) is the Predator himself. Like the advanced hunter he is, he stalked his prey, only revealing himself when he had them cornered, with very little room to escape. The Predator goes through his targets one after the other without mercy or hesitation, with a great example of this being his epic clash with the bear, where after an epic brawl, The Predator kills the animal with a well-timed punch to the neck. 

The Predator (Prey (2022) Movie Review)
The Predator (Credit: Hulu)

But despite these epic traits, the Predator makes the fatal flaw of overlooking weaker targets and this mistake gives Naru her opportunity to strike. 

The hunt for the Predator redefines the art of hunting for Naru, as she learns to use her opponent’s hubris and weapons against him. Adapting to her prey, Naru uses her skills and the environment to lure the Predator into a trap and put an end to his story. Amber Midthun

But despite giving her all into killing just one Predator, Prey ends with the ominous arrival of several Predator ships, hinting (hopefully) that a Prey 2 is on its way. 

Prey (2022) Movie is now on Hulu


Prey (2022)
Prey (2022)

Movie title: Prey (2022)


Prey (2022) is a solid action movie that breathes fresh air into The Predator franchise, by putting the character in a different setting. The movie’s cast was fantastic and thanks to them, the film executes its simple story in a mind-gripping way.

Prey (2022) Movie is on Hulu.

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