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Promising Young Woman Delivers The Perfect Revenge Story

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Despite covering a very dark subject, Promising Young Woman is actually a very funny movie blessed with incredible performances. The movie is a proper revenge thriller that sees a young woman named Cassandra go after those who wronged her and her childhood friend Nina. But as much I enjoyed this movie, when I first saw it, I felt its ending didn’t go far enough.

While I love that the movie’s finale embodies the old saying about vengeance, I initially felt that Cassie’s final target got off easy. However, after seeing the movie again, I realized that while things didn’t go according to plan, in the end, Cassandra got the exact revenge she always wanted. 

Let me explain (Spoilers Ahead. Click Here to Skip to The Verdict)

One thing I loved about Cassandra’s revenge story is how she handles each one of her targets.

Believing that the punishment should fit the crime, Cassie subjects each person to the same anxiety, neglect, and shame that drove her best friend towards suicide. Even before she goes after those responsible for Nina’s demise, we see her use similar tactics on men who try to take advantage of her while she fakes drunkenness. 

Carey Mulligan as Cassandra (Promising Young Woman)
Carey Mulligan as Cassandra (Credit: Focus Features )

But despite her methods, Cassandra’s true goal was to get her targets to show remorse and admit that they could have done better. She even gives each person multiple chances at redemption before finally unveiling their very special punishment.

I’ll admit, Carey Mulligan’s Devilish Smile was the whole reason I enjoyed this aspect of the movie. Her performance as Cassandra was just beyond amazing. And it would be a crime if she wasn’t at least nominated for an Oscar this year.

However, the one person cassie exempts from this pattern is her final target, Al Monroe.  

Being the direct cause of Nina’s suffering, Al is the only person Cassandra tries to hurt physically. To hear her describe it after Al raped Nina, her identity faded. And she became known as the girl Al Monroe slept with. And So to fit his crime, Cassandra gifts Al with the perfect punishment of carving Nina’s name into his body. So that wherever he goes, he will have her name all over him.

But when Al breaks free from his restraints and kills Cassandra, it feels like he has escaped judgment. But this is where Cassie’s brilliant contingency plan steps in.

Just before going to confront Al, Cassandra sends her lawyer a parcel containing her whereabouts and evidence of Nina’s Rape. And while Al’s very public arrest at his wedding might seem like a small price to pay, it’s actually perfect.

Because while Al rots behind bars, the names of the woman he raped and her best friend who put him there will haunt him for the rest of his life. 


Promising Young Woman
Promising Young Woman

Movie title: Promising Young Woman


Promising Young Woman strikes the perfect balance between comedy and good old fashion revenge. Through Cassandra and Nina’s story, the movie does a brilliant job of dissecting the various problems women face in society when reporting sexual abuse. And it accomplishes all this without sacrificing its wit or charm.

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