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The Equalizer 3 Review

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The Equalizer 3 Review
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The Equalizer 3 follows Retired assassin Henry McCall, who finds peace and solace in the Southern Italian town of Altamonte. But when he discovers that his new friends are under the control of the local Mafia, things become deadly as The Equalizer becomes their protector.

The Equalizer 3 has one of the most epic action opening scenes of 2023 with Denzel absolutely killing the role of Henry McCall (as expected). Everything about his character was perfectly lethal, and the man never wasted a word or action.

But after this epic action introduction, The Equalizer 3 surprised everyone by switching to a slow-burn film.

After recusing him from a near-death experience, the people of Altamonte welcome Mr. McCall into their small town. For a good hour of the movie, Mr McCall gets to know the people of this beautiful town and slowly becomes one of them. Besides showcasing Italy as the perfect vacation spot, this section of the movie emphasizes McCall’s motivation for protecting the people of Altamonte.

When the action gets going, The Equalizer 3 can be a very bloody & gory film. The movie’s main villains are the standard Mafia organization that controls all aspects of society and would do anything to keep control. However, when Mr. McCall gets to work, he too Shows little to no mercy.

I found it hilarious how many chances McCall gives opponents to leave rather than fight him. But as usual, no one takes him on his offer. In all honesty, have very little to complain about the action and I loved the punishment that McCall deals out to the Mafia boss himself.

That said, I think the movie’s secondary story leaves a bit to be desired.

Collins & Mr McCall (The Equalizer 3 review)
Collins (Dakota Fanning) & Mr McCall (Denzel Washington) (Credit: Sony Pictures)

My biggest issue with The Equalizer 3 is that the character of Collins (Dakota Fanning) seemed unnecessary. Though I love her story ties back to the past Equalizer movie, I still feel her character was building to action-packed moment that never came. Some part of me thought she was going to join McCall in his ruthless raid on the Mafia boss. But sadly, she’s knocked out by a car bomb and doesn’t rejoin the film until everything is basically said and done.


The Equalizer 3
The Equalizer 3 Movie Review

Movie title: The Equalizer 3


The Equalizer 3 is a solid action movie that continues the simple storytelling of the franchise, while also giving us some fantastic action scenes.

Though few people will enjoy the slow burn aspect of the film, I enjoyed it as it helped develop McCall’s attachment to Italian City. As expected, Denzel Washington was nothing short of amazing, as he controlled almost every scene. Dakota Fanning was also great, but I wished her character had more to do.

P.s. The Equalizer 3 has no post credit scene 



  • Great Acting
  • Ruthless Fight Scenes
  • Amazing Shots of Italy
  • Simple Action Movie


  • Movie Wastes Secondary Character
  • Slow Burn Movie
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