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House of The Dragon Episode 9 Review

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House of The Dragon Review
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House of The Dragon Episode 9: The Green Council, has to be the wildest episode of the entire season.  The episode kicks off moments after the death of King Viserys Targaryen. And almost immediately, his family falls apart, and the plot to steal the throne begins.

On hearing about her husband’s passing, Alicent takes only a moment to grieve before calling the small council together, along with her father to discuss the matter of the succession. Believing that Viserys’ last words to her was to crown Aegon as the next king, Alicent tells the council about ”The king’s final wish,” and asks them to back her son Aegon, as the next king.

I found it funny that Alicent calls the council together to discuss details of how to crown Aegon, only to find that most of the small council have already been plotting to place Aegon on the throne with or without Viserys’s blessing. And the minute they hear Viserys supposedly changed his mind, they take it as confirmation to move on with their plans.

As expected, the greens arrest or kill all of Rhaenyra’s allies in court (Rip Lord Bessbury and Lord Caswell). But Lord Otto Hightower goes further to suggest that the council kill Rhaenyra and her Children, to ensure Aegon’s succession. However, Alicent refuses. 

One thing I enjoy about House of the Dragon is how the series has taken the pains to highlight the complexity of Alicent’s character. Despite stealing the throne from her best friend, Alicent is also not a ruthless killer. And so when she sees a way to crown Aegon without spilling Rhaenyra’s blood, she takes it. 

This trait is reflected in Alicent’s conversation with Princess Rhaenys, where she tries to convince the Princess to switch her side and force Rhaenyra into accepting her peace terms. 

This leads to an interesting split within the green faction, with those who would prefer Rhaenyra dead on one side, and the Queen on her own. But despite their intentions, both sides soon realise that whoever gets to Aegon first would dictate the next move. And so the hunt for the next King Westeros begins. 

The Search for The Prince

Ser Criston Cole And Prince Aemond Search for Prince Aegon (House of the Dragon Episode 9)
Ser Criston Cole And Prince Aemond Search for Prince Aegon (Credit: HBO)

I enjoyed Otto and Alicent’s informal competition to find Aegon first. Mobilising their forces- The Cargyll twins for Otto, while Aemond and Ser Criston for Alicent- both factions search high and low for Aegon, and during the search, we learn more about Man about to be crowned King. 

As his Kingsguard, Ser Erryk Cargyll is perfect for revealing Prince Aegon’s true character to the audience. Asides from the whoring and drinking, we also learn that Aegon partakes in child fighting rings and has fathered many bastards across the city. This weighs heavily on Erryk’s conscience, as he feels Aegon shouldn’t be King. 

Aemond shares the same sentiment. Despite being the second son, the younger Prince believes he would make a better King. And considering he’s a better fighter, a student of history, and rides the biggest living dragon in the world, I think he has a case. 

Funny enough, no one in kings Landing thinks Aegon Shouldn’t be King more than Aegon Himself. Aegon has never been interested in the throne and has only ever wanted love from his parents. But while Viserys ignored him and his siblings, Alicent spent all her life turning him against his nephews and half-Sister.

When both factions find him, Aegon literally tries to run away from his fate and he even begs his brother Aemond to him flee. But in the end, Ser Criston Cole and Aemond drag him kicking and screaming to his mother. 

The Coronation of a New King

Aegon is Crowned as King Aegon III (House of the Dragon Episode 9)
Aegon is Crowned as King Aegon III (Credit: HBO)

If I’m being honest Aegon’s coronation was lit, and the greens spared no expense in selling their farce to the people of kings Landing. Taking place in the dragon’s pit, Aegon is crowned with the conqueror’s crown and given his sword, Blackfyre, in the presence of the masses of kings Landing.  With the Iron Throne behind him along with all these symbols of office, it’s not hard to see why the people hail him as the new king (even though he didn’t want the post 5 minutes ago). 

But all of this hype and revelry is cut short when Princess Rhaenys Targaryen crashes the coronation with her dragon, Meleys (The blood queen).

After being detained by the greens for most of the episode, “The Queen Who Never Was,” escapes her house arrest with the help of Ser Erryk, and bursts out with Meleys ready to burn Alicent and her family.  But when she sees Alicent protecting her children, Rhaenys ultimately chooses peace and leaves Kings Landing to warn Rhaenyra of what’s coming. 

Yes, some people might think Rhaenys should have killed the greens when she had the chance, but knowing the character, there’s no way a woman who just lost her children would want to inflict that same pain on another mother. Plus, as of right now, this is not Rhaenys’ war, so I doubt would she want to strike the first blow on Rhaenyra’s behalf (Rip to all the common people who died).

Can’t wait to see how Rhaenyra and Daemon React next week. 


House of The Dragon Episode 9: The Green Council
House of the Dragon

Title: The Green Council

Episode number: 9

Part of season: 1

Part of series: House of The Dragon


While it wasn’t the most efficient coup in the world, House of The dragon Episode 9: The Green Council, was an entertaining episode. Through Viserys’ death and Aegon’s coronation, the episode dived into the major players in the green faction and revealed their true motivations.

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