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Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One Review: A Great Flash Story

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Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One Review
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If Christopher Nolan ever made a multiversal Justice League story, it would be Crisis on Infinite Earths Part one.

Told as a nonlinear story, this brilliant DC Tomorrowverse Animated Film adapts the original crisis comic book story and puts a great spin on how the Flash is at center of this new DC Continuity. Through it’s amazing storytelling, the first part of Crisis animated film shows how the scarlet speedster’s adventures, as well as his beautiful love story with his wife Iris west, are at the heart of the new DCAMU.

But while its major story focuses on Barry’s life, the overarching tale of Crisis Part one sees The Monitor recruiting heroes from various earths as the unstoppable antimatter wave threatens to end the DC Multiverse.

The Vast Cast of Characters in Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One (Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One)
The Vast Cast of Characters in Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One (Credit: Warner Bros. Animation)

Crisis on Infinite Earths has a massive cast, and thanks to this scale, we get to see many DC characters from past Tomorrowverse films, as well as from wider DC landscape. The animated film does a great job of contrasting the differences between each universe and even showing how the current main DC universe is different from the classic DC stories we are familiar with.

However, one of the best aspects of Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One, is how it links all Tomorrowverse films, filling in story gaps with events from before, during, and after the other films. The animated movie also ties the Antimatter Apocalypse to The Flash and Constantine resetting the New 52 DCAMU in Apokolips War and references Hellblazer’s eternal punishment from House of Mystery.

But getting ahead of myself 

Throughout Crisis Part One, The Flash hops around three other great stories, as the antimatter wave heads for The DC multiverse. As we later learn, Barry gains his time-hopping powers from the excess speed force after his visit to Earth 3 (courtesy of one John Constantine). There, he meets the infamous Crime Syndicate made up of Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Owl Man, Super Woman, and Ultraman, and as expected, they immediately take him hostage.

But asides from threats and a power boost, Earth-3 also gives Barry the grim first look at the unstoppable antimatter Wave (also thanks to Constantine).

I found it hilarious that the Crime Syndicate all died in pointless bouts of glory. However, what’s even more funny, was seeing how selfish they were by preferring to save their statues rather than the collapsing building filled with innocent people. 

TomorrowVerse Justice League (Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One)
TomorrowVerse Justice League (Credit: Warner Bros. Animation)

The Justice League’s formation was another great story. 

Core DC Fans would have noticed that the League was already active in Green Lantern: Beware My Power. But we are never told how the superhero team got together in this new continuity. Crisis Part One answers this question and shows us how The Flash (inspired by the JSA of Earth 2) pushes other heroes (Superman, Green Arrow, Batman, Vixen, and Manhunter) to form the Justice League.

But of the three intertwined stories we get, Barry’s heartfelt love tale with Iris West was the best. 

I love how Barry’s and Iris’s relationship unfolds across the DC Tomorrowverse. From when Barry first meets Iris, to their beautiful wedding that saw many heroes and friends reunite. But the best part of their relationship comes at the end, when we learn that despite the impending doom, the couple grow old together and spend the rest their lives building the cosmic tower that saves the multiverse.  

By integrating aspects of its three side stories into its finale, Crisis on Infinite Earths Part one pulls off a very satisfying conclusion to speedsters’ story in DC’s Tomorrowverse. 


Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One
Justice League- Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One Review

Movie title: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One


Honestly, DC’s Tomorrowverse animated movies have been a hit and miss since its launch with Superman of Tomorrow. But Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One is such a great interconnected story that it has redefined my outlook on this new DCAMU continuity. The animated film delivers a good Flash Story, and I loved its subtle references to Apokolips War.

But there are still many unanswered questions in terms of the multiversal apocalypse. And I know we will get all the answers in the upcoming sequels Crisis on Infinite Earths parts, two and three.

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  • Great Flash Story
  • Great Interconnected Storytelling
  • Good Setup for the Main Crisis Story
  • Satisfying Conclusion


  • Need to Watch Previous DC Tomorrowverse Films to Fully Appreciate.
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