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Fractured Might Not be Mind-Blowing, But it’s still an Interesting Film

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Fractured is one movie that takes me back to the days of the 2012 hit game Spec Ops The Line. The film brilliantly first presents a story. And then asks a simple question, “Did what you just watch really happen?”

Fractured follows Ray Monore, an overwhelmed family man, who, after having terrible thanksgiving dinner with his in-laws, pulls into a gas station with his wife Joanne and his Daughter Peri.

But when Peri suffers a terrible accident, Rays rushes his family to a nearby but suspicious Hospital. 

However, soon after the doctors send Peri for further testing, all records of the Monroe’s visit disappear. Along with Peri and her mother

And it’s from here that Ray’s terrible day turns into a desperate race to find his family.
But then Fractured subtly asks a question, “Did Ray’s family really come to the hospital?” Or did he just make it all up?

What truly made Fractured enjoyable is how it never really gives the full picture until the very end.

No explanation from any of the doctors or cops who try to help Ray find his family is entirely perfect. They are holes and mistakes in everyone’s story (including Ray’s). And with each new detail that comes to light, you’ll believe one story at first, but then switch sides later.

Don’t get me wrong, Fractured is not a perfect movie. At some points, it oversells the narrative. And veteran Cinephiles will quickly figure out what’s happening.

But one thing Fractured touches on is how we’ve all made mistakes. And at that moment, we wish we go back and correct it. But no matter how far we hide, we’re eventually dragged back to the awful reality of what we’ve done.


Fractured might not be one of the most mind-blowing movies of the year. But its story and concept build enough suspense to make it a decent watch on Netflix.

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  1. I saw this film a few weeks ago – I agree with what you say about it for sure. Not the most interesting and exciting film out there but worth a watch for sure 🙂