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Godzilla vs. Kong Review: The Monster Brawl We Wanted


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Let me be very clear about something. In terms of story, Godzilla vs. Kong is not a good movie. Throughout the first hour of this film, I was tempted on multiple occasions to skip ahead to the main fight because I couldn’t care less about the movie’s plot. 

None of the film’s characters were memorable, and I found most of their story arcs unnecessary and very annoying to follow. The main human villain was somehow even worse, as he had no real motivations past evil corporate man, doing evil corporate things, for no logical reason.

But in hindsight, all that was fine because no one expected much from the human storyline in the first place. All we wanted was an epic fight between a giant ape and a giant lizard. And on that note, Godzilla vs. Kong, seriously delivered. 

The King of Monsters vs. The King of Skull Island

Godzilla vs Kong Review
Godzilla vs Kong (Credit: Warner Bros)

The best part of Godzilla vs. Kong is that the movie gives a clear answer on who would win in a fight between the two Titans. I loved how the film essentially broke the fight down into a three-round match, and each round highlighted a strength or weakness of both monsters.

With the first round taking place on the sea, it was clear from the start who was going to win. However, once the battle moved to dry land in rounds two and three, things got very interesting.

Going into the fight, Kong was the obvious underdog, and it wasn’t clear how he could face The King of Monsters and win. But much to my surprise, Kong gave Godzilla hell and used every advantage he had to level the playing field. 

Thanks to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, The Ape king’s agility was in full display in the second round. And this gave him the ability to attack Godzilla and dodge his atomic breath simultaneously.

I also loved how Kong cleverly used his Gorilla tactics to distract and confuse Godzilla before attacking. And with the help of his radiation-absorbing axe, Kong actually brought down the giant lizard.  

However, Godzilla is Godzilla.

And in round three, The King of Monsters reminded Kong of his place in the bigger picture and beat the oversized Gorilla into submission. 

But even with the defeat of King Kong, this epic Monster brawl was far from over.

As it was rumored, the true villain of Godzilla vs. Kong was none other than Mecha Godzilla. And the monster-robot hybrid made an impressive appearance in the movie’s final act. 

This Bionic monster was no pushover, and he made both Kong and Godzilla work for every punch they managed to land. However, thanks to the quick thinking of both Titans (mostly Godzilla), the faux King of Monsters fell as quickly as he came. 


Godzilla vs. Kong
Godzilla vs. Kong

Movie title: Godzilla vs. Kong


Thanks to great CGI and a huge budget, Godzilla vs. Kong delivered the epic titan clash we’ve always wanted. And while the film buries the main event under an hour of pointless and predictable storylines, in the end, it was completely worth the wait. 

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