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Movie Review: Why You Should Watch Nobody 2021

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Nobody is probably one of the most entertaining action movies I’ve seen in a while. One that flawlessly combines creative violence with natural comedy and good acting. 

As a fan of Breaking Bad (and its spinoff Better Call Saul), I never thought I would enjoy an action thriller with Bob Odenkirk as the lead character. But after seeing him beat the living hell out of multiple grow men, while also injecting his personal humor into each scene, I’m so happy that we got this movie.  

Though it might seem like a John wick ripoff, at its core, Nobody is really a story about an extremely capable man trying to feel like himself again. 

The movie kicks off with our Protagonist Hutch Mansell, stuck in a boring routine life where every day is the same and nothing new happens. To his Family, Neighbors, and Coworkers, Hutch is inept and invisible. And over time, we slowly get the idea that each passing week feels like an extra nail to the irrelevant coffin that has become his life. 

However, this all changes when two thieves break into Hutch’s House in the dead of night. And in an effort to avoid further violence, Hutch lets them go without fighting them. 

But when everyone (including his own son) mocks him for letting the robbers escape, this humiliation pushes Hutch over the edge, and he soon falls back into his darker habits. And this leads him to pick a fight with the Russian Mafia. 

Asides from its incredible humor, the best part of Nobody was how every fight in the film was practical and well thought out. As Hutch Mansell, Odenkirk was ruthless and often used everyday items (such as a mousetrap) to severely deal with his enemies.  

And he wasn’t alone.   

Both Christopher Loyd and RZA gave him amazing support as his father and brother respectively. And together the trio made a lethal team in the movie’s brutal and satisfying finale. 


Nobody 2021
Nobody 2021

Movie title: Nobody 2021


Nobody was an unexpectedly good action thriller with a simple story and an amazing cast. I can’t recommend this movie enough, and I hope we see more action movies from Bob Odenkirk (He is really good).

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Akinwole Emmanuel
Akinwole Emmanuel
3 years ago

Loved this review!!! Definitely seeing this one next!

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