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Why Parasite” is A Must Watch

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I’ll be honest I’ve never been a fan of Korean Movies.

It’s not like I have anything against them, I’ve just never seen them as anything special. And except for a few Movies such as Train to Busan (seriously you need to see this movie), I’ve mostly avoided them.

However, after seeing Parasite, I think I might finally rethink my stance on Korean Movies.

Let me explain.

Parasite centers around two very different families, and shows how class discrimination and greed eventually destroys the symbiotic relationship that exists between the two households.

On the one hand, we have the less privileged, Free WiFi searching, Kim Family. And on the other, there’s the upper class, vacation in the Bahamas, Park Family.

The Kim and the Parks family (Parasite)
The Kim and the Parks Family

When we first meet the Kims, they’re shown as scam artists, who survive by feeding off gullible members of society. And by the time they reach the Parks, they effortlessly embed themselves into their household, until each one of them is cleverly tapping the Parks resources without their knowledge.

However, we soon realize how vital the Kims (and any help in fact) are to the daily lives of the Parks. Without them to carry out various tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, or attending to children, The Park’s household would break down. And maintaining the standards of their social class would be next to impossible.

And so we’re left with one question, “Who is the real Parasite here?

A struggling family trying to earn a better life by leaching others? Or a high-class family, living off the hard work of others to sustain their status in society?

While you could easily say it’s the Kim family (because they get paid for their services). The film skillfully uses various scenes to not only make a case for both sides. But also shows how different life can be for both families.

But this brings me to Parasite’s key point. The movie aims to show the literal amount of shit the lower class goes through to survive. In fact, it’s because things are so severe, that families such as the Kims are forced to leech off others.

However, actions have consequences. And it’s ultimately, greed and recklessness that destroy this seemingly symbiotic relationship. And when the dust finally settles, both families are damaged beyond repair.



Movie title: Parasite


While I can’t say, Parasite is the best Korean movie I’ve seen (because I don’t watch Korean Movies), I can definitely say it’s one of the best movies I have ever seen. P.S. let me know in the comments or on Twitter, what other good Korean Movies are there.

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4 years ago

I don’t watch Korean movies too, but from this narration I think I want to give this one a shot.. nice Review Cinema Hub.

4 years ago

Just saw this and I must say I’m impressed. The turn of events came as a shock to me thou. ??

4 years ago

Just watched this and like you said, best movie of the year. It was so well filmed ! I was stunned when watching the final scenes. ? Oh, I’ve also watched Train to Busan and loved it! Definitely like to keep an eye when Korean movies come out.

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