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The Gentlemen Netflix TV Series Review (Season 1)

The Gentlemen Netflix TV Series (2024)
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I absolutely loved Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen TV Series. The show is every bit as captivating as the 2019 movie, and it showcases a fantastic new cast of hilarious and complex characters. The Netflix series follows Eddie Halstead, who upon inheriting the family estate discovers that it is home to an enormous weed empire, and its owners aren’t going anywhere.

Obviously, Susie Glass was my favorite character, Kaya Scodelario absolutely killed the role as the capable daughter of reputable Drug Lord Bobby Glass (Ray Winstone). Her pairing with Edward (Theo James) was a stroke of genius, and together, the pair achieved a lot of great feats. 

Speaking of the Duke.

Theo James as Edward Halstead (The Gentlemen Netflix TV Series 2024)
Theo James as Edward Halstead (Credit: Netflix)

I loved Edward’s slow fall from grace into the British crime & drug underworld. And over time, we slowly see the once shining morally clean Captain become (as Bobby Glass later says) a formidable crime general.

The rest of the Halstead family were amazing, with Lady Sabrina, Geoffrey, and Charlotte stepping in to help Eddie during turbulent times. But my favorite family member is still Freddy (Daniel Ings), who was chaos incarnate, and often found new ways to screw up everything. 

It would be wrong not to shout-out the show’s villains. Anyone who’s seen Breaking Bad, The Boys, or The Mandalorian wouldn’t be surprised to hear Giancarlo Esposito was fantastic as Mr Johnston. And even from prison, everyone felt Bobby Glass’s influence. But it was the threat from the religious coke-dealing crime Lord, The Gospel (Pearce Quigley) that struck fear into the hearts of our main characters. 

On a side note, I think the show robbed us of what could have been an epic shootout between the Halstead family and the Gospel cult. But I suspect we might see this come back in Season 2 (fingers crossed).

But as strong as The Gentlemen Series was at the start, its ending could have been much better. The show rushes through major plot points to reach its finale. The last two episodes quickly wrapped up so many complex storylines that deserved more development.

This flaw didn’t kill the show for me, but it made me realize how short the season was, and how it could have benefitted from having more episodes. (Plus, I want more episodes).

Luckily, The Gentlemen Season 1 finale sets up a lot of issues to be resolved in its second season. And I cannot wait.


The Gentlemen Tv Series (2024)

Name: The Gentlemen Tv Series (2024)


The Gentlemen Season 1 is a great crime-drama series from the amazing mind of Guy Ritchie. Blessed with a great cast, the show tells a captivating story that re-introduces us to the British crime scene and its major players.

I absolutely loved Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen TV Series, and Netflix had better be working on a second season.

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  • Slightly Rushed Ending
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Shitta-Bey Ayodeji
Shitta-Bey Ayodeji
3 months ago
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Ooooohhhh. This will be exciting. I’m looking forward to watching it

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Todella mukava
Shitta-Bey Ayodeji
Shitta-Bey Ayodeji
Reply to  Shitta-Bey Ayodeji
2 months ago

No waaayyyy. It was perfect. From the very first episode to the last. Your breakdows were indeed accurate. It sis feel like a lot more episodes could have been made. But I think it was done to keep viewers hungry for more and get the word out for hype towards the coming seasons.

Wonderful recommendation

3 months ago
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Can’t wait for Season 2!

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