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Gen V Episode 1-3 Review 

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Gen V Episode 1-3 Review 
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If you’ve ever wondered what the X-men would look like in the hyper-capitalist world of The Boys, then Gen V is your answer. 

Gen V is a thrilling new series set at America’s only college for superheroes, Godolkin University. The show follows the school of superheroes as their moral and physical limits are pushed when competing for the university’s top ranking. But when the school’s horrible secret comes to light, the students must decide what type of hero they want to become. 

The first three episodes of Gen V do a good job of setting up the main characters of its story. The series focuses on Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), a teenager who scars herself and her sister when she awakens her powers. Though things get grim for Marie, she gets her supposed “second chance” when she receives admission to Godolkin University.  

But Marie soon learns that everything is not as it seems. 

To no one’s surprise (except Marie), Godolkin Uni is an extension of the sham superhero society that Vought America has created. Like The Seven, most heroes only care about their public image rather than saving or helping people. Marie learns the hard way that grades, hard work, and merit don’t matter, as only certain people are allowed to move up in the school.

But buried in all the debauchery and selfishness, Gen V still presents us with layered characters who want to become real heroes.

Lizze Broadway as Emma (Gen V Episode 1 Review)
Lizze Broadway as Emma (Credit: Prime Video)

Marie’s roommate Emma (Lizze Broadway) is one of many interesting characters in the series. Within three episodes, Gen V continues to show how Emma only wants people to love and accept her. But she unfortunately seeks this approval from all the wrong people who end up using her. Worst of all, we learn about her abusive mother who exploits her and her powers for fame and fortune.

Our protagonist also meets Luke (the golden boy of Godolkin Uni), his girlfriend Cate, and his two best friends, Andre and Jordan. Though these four represent the top students at Godolkin, the show reveals how each of them also suffers from various levels of trauma and parental issues. 

But it’s Luke’s past that ends up being at the center of the show. And just when everything seems to be going well for Marie, she soon finds herself in the middle of the school’s dark secret program. 


Gen V Episode 1-3

Name: Gen V


When Gen V was announced, I thought it was going to be a joke series with stereotypical characters and boring high school drama. But each episode has proven that the show was a well-thought-out project. Like The Boys Series, Gen V has great characters struggling with personal issues and trauma. But it is the thrilling mystery of Godolkin University that drives the show.

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