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Gen V Episode 4 Review: The Whole Truth

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Gen V Episode 4 Review: The Whole Truth
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Gen V episode 4 is hands down the funniest so far. I bet all comic readers were dying with laughter as soon as we met Tek Knight (beautifully played by Derek Wilson). But putting all the hole jokes aside, the episode also brings us closer to the truth of the experiments in “The Woods”.

Following Golden Boy’s Suicide and Dr Brink’s death, Vought dispatches TeK Knight to Godolkin Uni to find a pasty to pin the incident on. In the comics, Tek Knight is a parody of Batman and Iron Man. In Gen V, however, the Knight is a twisted version of Sherlock Holmes who ruins people’s lives for fun using his deduction skills.

Derek Wilson as Tek Knight (Gen V Episode 4 Review)
Derek Wilson as Tek Knight (Credit: Prime Video)

It doesn’t take long for the Knight to break the main cast and learn some of their most embarrassing secrets. He figures out that Andre and Cate have been sleeping together. Plus, he gets Marie to admit that it was Jordan who fought Golden Boy during his rampage, not her.

But we soon learn that the Knight also has some dark secrets of his own.

Since I completed the Boys comic, I’ve always wondered how The Boys TV Series would adapt Tek Knight’s “odd condition,” and Gen V doesn’t disappoint. Dean Shetty playing Tek Knight’s greatest hole hits was both hilarious and seriously disturbing. But the scene also proved though she doesn’t have superpowers, Shetty won’t let anyone push her around. And as we know, she is very involved in the Woods Project.

I hope this isn’t the last we of Tek Knight, as the fallen superhero plays an extended role in the Boys comic.

In other news, we pick up with the aftermath of Sam and Emma’s escape from The Woods. After spending all season making all the wrong friends, it was nice to see Emma get along with someone who wasn’t trying to use her.

However, when everything seems to go well, Sam’s illness kicks in and he goes to end the life of The Wood’s lead scientist Dr Cardosa.

Emma, Marie, and Cate (Gen V Episode 4 Review)
Emma, Marie, and Cate (Credit: Prime Video)

After walking in on Jordan and Marie (both of whom finally admit their feelings for each other), Emma pleads with them, Andre, and Cate to help stop Sam. Cue the superhero fight with the misunderstood rogue anti-hero. Marie continues to get better with her powers while Andre and Jordan do their best. But it’s Emma who busts out the big guns by going into her giant form and subduing Sam.

But when the group tries talking Sam down, everything suddenly ends, and Marie wakes up next to Jordan. Obviously, someone interfered and came in time to knock out the group. And I can’t wait to find out who, and learn what happened at the end of Gen V episode 4.


Gen V Episode 4

Title: The Whole Truth

Episode number: 4

Part of season: 1

Part of series: 1


Gen V episode 4 shows that the series can flawlessly adapt some of the best parts of the comics while doing its own thing. I really enjoyed the Tek Knight plot.

But the episode also continues the far more interesting mystery of The Woods and Luke’s brother Sam. And just when we thought everything was finally going to make sense, the show throws another curveball at us.

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