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Gen V Episode 5 Review: Welcome to the Monster Club.

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Gen V Episode 5 Review: Welcome to the Monster Club.
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After last week’s abrupt ending, I was about 95% sure it was Rufus who mind-wiped the group and dumped them in at the House party. But in a twist that few saw coming, we find out it was Cate who erased the group’s memories and she has been acting as Dean Shetty’s Spy.

Cate was, of course being manipulated by Shetty, who has always pretended to be a friend to the students. But this doesn’t excuse her actions.

The look of betrayal on Andre’s face when he found out the truth (and regained his memories) said it all. It was especially painful not only because Andre loves Cate, but he is betraying Luke’s memory by sleeping with his girlfriend.

Gen V continues to excel at giving us complicated grey characters, who are often used by powerful authority figures. Cate falls into this category, as though she betrays her friends, and frames Rufus (who is guilty of other crimes). Shetty convinces her she’s on the right path.

Another great example of complicated a character comes with Sam.

Sam (Asa Germann) as a Puppet
Sam (Asa Germann) as a Puppet (Credit: Prime Video)

We’ve always known that Vought’s policy of injecting unborn kids with V was both careless and dangerous. But the scene where Sam kills the soldiers who try to capture him highlights the dangers of giving kids superpowers without any consideration for their future mental health. P.S. This scene was extra messed up with the use of puppets.

However, despite his violent rampages, Sam wants to change for the better, especially because of Emma.

In other news, we get a better understanding of what The Woods under Godolkin uni is all about.

After the episode begins, we hear Dr. Cardosa telling Dean Shetty that he is close to completing the Super Human Virus. Both Gen V and The Boys have made it clear that Vought’s control of the superhero community is fragile and comes at a very high and unsustainable cost. The Virus is most likely a new insurance plan for Vought to control their ever-growing superhero problem.

This scene also points out Marie has a secret benefactor who doesn’t want any harm coming to her. As for who this person is, we will have to wait and see. But I have a strong feeling that everything will connect to the Boys Season 4.


Gen V Episode 5

Title: Welcome to the Monster Club.


With episode 5, Gen V has begun revealing what’s going on at Godolkin University. Though I’m sure no one trusted Dean Shetty from the beginning, I didn’t catch the Cate twist until it was obvious.

I also continue to like the Emma and Sam relationship, as it is one of the few innocent ones left in the show. Even though Sam has severe problems, we can see him trying to control himself and stop his manic outbursts. But with everything going so well, I can’t shake the feeling that something disastrous is on its way.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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