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The Boys TV Series Review: The Superhero Series You Have to See.

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I’ve always said that the best Superhero films are those with stories that fit into everyday life. These particular set of movies are so good that they don’t even feel like Superhero flicks anymore. And while Marvel’s Winter Soldier and D.C.’s Dark Knight are the two best examples of this phenomenon, The Boys is a close third

The Boys begins with Hughie Campbell (a 23-year-old Techie, with the Self-esteem of well, a 23-year-old Techie) and the love of his life, Robin. And for the first five minutes and forty-five seconds of the show, everything was depressingly OK in Hughie’s life.

That is until A-Train (one of The Seven) accidentally runs through Huey’s Girlfriend and bursts her into pieces.

However, It’s about this time that Hughie meets “The Boys.” A former CIA Black Ops team made up of Butcher, Frenchie, and Mother’s Milk (yes, that’s his real name). And together with Hughie, The Boys go after The Seven and Their parent company, “Vought,” to expose their true nature And make them pay for their many crimes.

But who are The Seven? And what’s “Vought”?

The Seven is a team made up of Seven Superheroes. These heroes include The Deep, Translucent, A-Train, Starlight, Black Noir, Maeve, and Homelander (Basically a darker Justice League). However, unlike the Justice League, The Seven are owned by a company called “Vought.” Vought sees and treats their heroes as investments, and will do everything in their power to monetize them. From Video Games to Movie Deals and other Merchandises, Vought has built a multi-billion dollar industry. An industry will protect at any cost.

But that’s what makes The Boys so compelling.

It’s not bogged down by generic story points, such as saving the world from a deadly virus. Or an unstoppable robot army. Instead, it cleverly integrates the Superhero genre with mature themes such as Politics, Cover-ups, Backstabbing, Scandals, and good old fashion revenge.

Not to mention that the show gave me the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. A baby with laser vision.

Baby with Laser Vision (The Boys  TV Review).
A Baby with Laser Vision (Credit: Amazon Prime)

However, there is one other reason why The Boys Tv series works so well, and his name is Homelander.

Damn He Can Make an Entrance.

Homelander makes an entrance (The Boys TV Series Review)
Anthony Starr as Homelander( Credit: Amazon Studios)

While the series eventually reveals every hero to be a fraud in one or another, Homelander stands out for a different reason.

Homelander is a true psychopath and a manipulative asshole with a god-like complex. And considering his  Super-strength, Lasers, and his messed up childhood, it’s not hard to imagine where things went wrong. But what’s even more disturbing about Homelander is the extent he’s willing to go to achieve his goals. Not to mention his blatant disregard for human life (words cannot describe the shit that goes down in episode 4).

However, Homelander isn’t some mindless brutish hero. He is brilliant and possesses a strong influence on the American people. A power he puts to good use at various points of the show, to push his agenda (Not Vought’s).


The Boys Season 1
The Boys Season 1

Name: The Boys Season 1


The Boys TV series Succeeds in giving a matured live-action Superhero story filled with corporate greed and so many twists and turns. This engaging story, combined with an incredible cast, is the reason why The Boys is a Must Watch. P.S. If you’re somehow still not convinced to check out this show, remember, this show has a baby with laser vision.

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Sounds good!!

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Unwanted Life
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A great review about an awesome show

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