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Movie Review: Why I Love Interstellar

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Interstellar is one of those movies that instantly sucks you into its world. The film uses its amazing visuals to capture your attention, and once has it, this beautiful sci-fi never let’s go.

What I’m trying to say is, Interstellar was made for Sci-fi Nerds.

With the world coming to an end, Interstellar follows a group of space explorers tasked by NASA to travel through a wormhole and find out which of the three planets within this solar system could be humanity’s new home.

Right off the bat, Interstellar shows how unhabitable the earth has become. From global food shortages to large sand storms suffocating the earth’s populace, it’s clear humanity’s time on earth is over.

Seeing the situation at hand, the global government, rise to the task and redirect all resources to meet the high demand for food. However, they cleverly keep vital operations such as NASA running in the background, to search for humanity’s new home.

The real fun begins when the team, led by former NASA pilot, Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), leaves earth for the new galaxy. And on their arrival, they discover many fascinating surprises, including a giant black hole named Gargantua.

Gargantua Black Hole  (Interstellar)
Gargantua Black Hole ( Credit: Warner Bros)

To no one’s surprise, the giant black hole becomes a major obstacle for the team to overcome. However, this is because Gargantua’s presence has slowed time on all three planets of interest. So each time the group travels to a planet, time will move slower for them than their friends and family on earth.

We see this problem play out when the team lands on the first planet, which they call Miller’s Planet. There they discover that hour on the world is equal to seven years back on earth. And while they planned to investigate the planet quickly, they end up spending almost 3 hours on the world.

But besides its mind-blowing concepts, Interstellar’s best feature remains the fierce bond between Cooper and his daughter Murph. This bond fuels the entire movie and empowers the characters to push through impossible odds to reach their goals.

Where I’m sure most people will have an issue with Interstellar, is the movie’s third act. The tesseract scene is one of the most confusing concepts I’ve ever seen.

But I guess wouldn’t be a Christopher Nolan movie your head is still intact by the end.



Movie title: Interstellar


Interstellar tells a compelling story powered by its excellent cast and stunning visual effects. And while Sci-fi isn’t for everyone, you should definitely try this one out.

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