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Black Adam (2022) Movie Review

Black Adam Movie Review: An Entertaining Action Film

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  • 5 min read

The Black Adam Movie follows the legend of the champion of Kahndaq, who was transformed into a demigod after the Egyptian gods give him their powers. But when Black Adam uses his powers for vengeance, those same gods capture and imprison him as punishment. Now, 5000 years later, Adam is free and ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.

What Movies to Watch In August (Cinema Hub)

What to Watch 2020: August’s Movie And TV Guide

Searching for new movies to watch on Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services can be difficult. However, for August (just like every other month), we have some great Movies, Animations, and Tv Shows for you to check out.


The Death of Superman Review

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  • 2 min read

When a raging monster named Doomsday decimates the joint force of the Justice League, it’s left to the Man of Steel to stop this force of destruction in the most epic showdown in the DC Animated movie Universe.