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The Best Animations of 2018

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1.  Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Even without its fantastic soundtrack and Comic book-like animation, Into the Spider-Verse would still be the best animation of the year.

Words cannot describe the sheer amount of joy and humor in this film. And while the action isn’t perfect, it fits the personality of our favorite neighborhood heroes.

Into the Spider-Verse follows Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales, as he goes on a journey of self-discovery and learns about the endless possibility of the Spider-Verse where anyone in the Marvel Multiverse can become the Spider-Man.

2. Castlevania Season 2

The second season of Castlevania fulfills the promise of the epic showdown between Dracula and his son Alucard. But fortunately, Alucard didn’t come alone, thanks to the Demon hunter Trevor Belmont and the speaker magician Sypha Belnades they able to end Dracula’s War on humanity.

But asides the awesome display of raw magical skill and battle prowess, Castlevania also comes packed with Deception, manipulation, and a fantastic soundtrack that sets the perfect mood for the final battle

3. Big Mouth Season 2

No list about the best animation of 2018 would ever be complete without Big Mouth.

The series continues to impress by using witty quips and Jokes to touch on sensitive issues concerning puberty. And introduces a new magical entity known as the Shame Wizard, to torment and manipulate the gang into becoming better people.

You’ll understand better when you read Our full review.

4. Isle of Dogs

I’ll admit I didn’t expect much from Isle of Dogs, especially after seeing its trailer. But on watching it, I came to appreciate the bond between the twelve-year-old boy, Atari Kobayashi, and his dog Spots.

The Isle of Dogs takes place in Japan, during an outbreak of canine flu and disease. And as a result, The Mayor Megasaki City, Kenji Kobayashi, exiles all Dogs to Trash Island.

Outraged by his uncle’s decree, Atari steals a jet and travels to the Island to rescue his dog Spots. While on Trash Island, Atari meets a pack of misfit canines who help him reunite with his best friend.

The stop motion animation uses clever tropes such as rumors and other clichés to create humor and fun. While showing the extent, a twelve-year-old boy would resort too, to rescue his best friend.

5. Incredibles 2

The Incredibles return to our screens with more action and maneuvers than we’ve ever seen. But this time, Mr. Incredible must now face his greatest foe yet, becoming a stay-at-home Dad. While Elastic-girl (Mrs. Incredible) returns to fighting and campaigns for the return of superheroes.

While the movie’s core plot is very predictable, the Incredibles prove once again that animations can be fun for both kids and adults alike.

6. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

I said this in my full review, and I’ll repeat it, If the first ten minutes of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay doesn’t leave you stunned and impressed, then nothing will.

Hell to Pay is leagues better than the 2016 Suicide Squad live-action film. The animated movie gives a perfect depiction of how Task-force X operates, especially under a boss like Amanda Waller—making it one of the best of the DC Animated Movie Universe.


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