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The Best Animated Movies and TV Shows of 2021

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Happy New Year Everyone. 

Though 2021 is gone, it doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce on the best parts of last year. And since we love animations here at CinemaHub, what better place to start than with The Best Animated Movies and TV Show of 2021.

8. Ron’s Gone Wrong

Ron's Gone Wrong (The Best Animated Movies and TV shows of 2021)
Barney and Ron (Credit: 20th Century Studios)

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Ron’s Gone Wrong is the ultimate story about friendship. Though the Animated movie throws enormous shade at the social-media age and the soulless CEOs who profit off them, its true story is about how friendship is a two-way street.  

The film kicks off when Barney, a socially awkward Boy, bonds with his malfunctioning Robot-friend called Ron. But while Barney initially thinks Ron’s only purpose is to be his best friend (and obey all his commands), he soon learns that he also has to be Ron’s friend for their relationship to work.

Yes, the animated movie gets ridiculous from time to time. But it doesn’t affect the movie’s message. And I love the film ends with the duo saving Barney’s classmates from the trappings of social validation.

Why You Should Watch: Important Message, Really Good Story.

Why You Might Skip: Occasionally Ridiculous.

7. Raya and The Last Dragon

Raya and The Last Dragon (The Best Animated Movies and TV shows of 2021)
Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon (Credit: Disney)

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At its core, Raya and Last Dragon is a heartfelt animated movie about restoring trust to a divided land. And the animated film reflects this division through the broken friendship of its two main characters, Raya and Namaari.

Despite wanting similar things, both women are unable to trust each other again after a bitter first experience. And this brings the two former friends into conflict with each other

For a Disney animated movie, Raya and the Last Dragon features some really intense fighting sequences. But it’s the final fight between Raya and Namaari that made the movie even better. Not only you could see & feel the emotions of betrayal and pain flying around, but the fight choreography itself was also really good.

Raya and The Last Dragon is one animated movie from 2021 I can’t recommend enough. Read Our Full Review

Why You Should Watch: Hilarious, Emotional Story, Decent Soundtrack

Why You Might Skip: Predictable Ending

6. Star Wars: Visions 

The Best Episodes of Star Wars Visions
Disney’s Star Wars: Vision (Credit: DisneyPlus)

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I’ve never been the biggest Star Wars Fan, but Star Wars Visions was one of the Best 2021 Animated Tv Show from Disney Plus. 

The anthology series brilliantly mixes the anime genre with the Star Wars universe. And while not all nine episodes of the show were perfect, episodes such as The Duel, The Ninth Jedi, and The Elder were unmatched. 

Star Wars Visions was so good that I would love to see many of its stories continue in a full-fledge series, that would dive into the lives of the respective protagonists.  

Fingers crossed for 2022. 

Why You Should Watch: Creative Storylines, Beautiful animation, Awesome Fight Choreography. 

Why You Might Skip: Episodes Are Too Short

5. Castlevania: Season 4

Castlevania: Season 4 (The Best Animated Movies and TV shows of 2021)
Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard- Castlevania Season 4 (Credit: Netflix)

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After three glorious seasons, Castlevania came to a satisfying conclusion last year. And in true end-of-series fashion, the show went all out by delivering on many of its promises and even pulling out a few surprises. 

When it comes to the story, Castlevania season 4 outdid itself. But where the final season really shined was on the action front.

While we all knew a clash between Isaac and the Vampire Queen Carmilla was inevitable, I don’t think anyone could predict how intense their fight would be. Not only was it visually satisfying to watch, but it was a proper battle of skill.  

And then there’s the main squad. 

As expected, Alucard and Trevor lived up to their respective family names of Tepes and Belmont. But It was Sypha who stole the entire show with her ruthless use of Elemental magic. 

Castlevania may be over, but thanks to its incredible final season, it has earned its spot as one of the Best Animated Tv Show of 2021.  Read Our Full Review

Why You Should Watch: Satisfying Conclusion to The Series, Incredible Action Scenes

Why You Might Skip: Slow Burn Animation

4. Invincible 

Amazon Prime Invincible Review
Amazon’s Invincible (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

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Invincible was one 2021 animated series I didn’t expect to be as good as it was. 

Despite being yet another superhero show, Invincible managed to stand out from the crowd thanks to its coming-of-age storyline, Murder mystery, amazing animation, and great Soundtrack. 

However, the real reason the Invincible is such a great animated TV show is because of its characters.

Every superhero was based on some clever combination of Marvel and DC characters. But it was the normal people who really impressed me, as characters like Cecil, use their skills, technology, and connections in high places to keep order within the superhero community.

The show even gained infamy last year for having several intense fighting scenes. The worst of which saw Mark (the main character), receive the worst beating of his life from his Father, along with years of psychological trauma and pain. (Trust me, this will all make sense when you watch the show). 

Invincible is one of the few Must-Watch animated series from 2021. And that earns the show a spot on this list.  But if still need convincing check out our Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Invincible.

Why You Should Watch: Good Storyline, Brutal Action Scenes, Great Soundtrack. 

Why You Might Skip: Superhero Fatigue

3. Encanto 

Encanto (The Best Animated Movies and TV shows of 2021)
The Madrigals- Encanto (Credit:Disney Plus)

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When it comes to the best-animated family Movie of 2021, Encanto wins the title without contest.

The Disney Animated Movie is a love letter to Colombian people and culture. And it shows this through its amazing soundtrack and beautiful animation.

However, what truly made Encanto one of my best-animated movies of 2021, was the shades of grey within its story.  

The animated movie explores the unspoken truth about family expectations and shows how exhausting it can be to live up to such high standards. But while crushing, these expectations are also not without reason. And it’s only through proper communication that the Madrigal family are able to navigate the storm.

Why You Should Watch: Hilarious, Emotional Story, Touching Message

Why You Might Skip: There’s No Reason to Skip

2. Demon Slayer Mugen Train

Demon Slayer Mugen Train (The Best Animated Movies and TV shows of 2021)
Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke- Demon Slayer(Credit: Ufotable Studios)

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If you’re a fan of the main Demon Slayer Series, then you’ll know why Mugen Train had to be on this list.

This beautiful animated movie not only did a brilliant job of refreshing us on Tanjiro’s painful background, but it also showed how much he and his friends have grown since the start of the show.

Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu all staked their lives to protect the Mugen Train passengers. And after a hard-fought battle against lower rank one Demon, Enmu, it was so satisfying to see them succeed.

But while this feat alone would have been enough for me to put Demon Slayer on the list, Mugen Train went further and blessed us with Akaza vs Kyojuro.

In this heartbreaking battle of ideals, Mugen Train reveals its true story, about having the will and determination to fulfill one’s duty, despite the odds. And though Kyojuro ultimately loses, the fact that he forces Akaza to flee is enough to earn my respect for both the character and the movie. Read Our Full Review

Why You Should Watch: Amazing Story of Self Sacrifice, Beautiful animation, Great Fight Choreography. 

Why You Might Skip: There’s No Reason to Skip  

1. Arcane 

Arcane (The Best Animated Movies and TV shows of 2021)
Netflix’s Arcane (Credit Netflix)

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Arcane is a masterpiece of emotional storytelling.

In the foreground, the animated series follows the tragic tale of two sisters, whose lives spiral out of control after losing their parents. But in the background, the show follows the growing tensions between the wealthy city of Piltover and the underground city of Zaun.

Despite having several incredible characters, Arcane weaves in each person’s story into the main plot. And through them, the show tackles intense topics like politics, anxiety, depression, and the futility of war.

This brilliant combination of great storytelling, amazing characters (and a great soundtrack), is why Arcane is one best-animated Tv shows of 2021.

Why You Should Watch: Amazing Storyline, Unique Animation Style, Great Soundtrack.

Why You Might Skip: There’s No Reason to Skip

Honourable Mention

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines (The Best Animated Movies and TV shows of 2021)
The Mitchells (Credit: Netflix)

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The Mitchells Vs. The machines was a fun ride from start to finish. I loved that the animated movie never takes itself seriously, but instead, jam packs its story with many jokes and hilarious moments. 

But that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its moments.

On the surface, The Animated movie’s plot sees The Mitchells trying to save the world from a robot apocalypse. But its real story is about reforming broken bonds within the family. And it represents this with the estranged relationship between Katie Mitchell and her dad, Rick Mitchell.

I also loved that the animation drew inspiration from a real family. 

Though the story is not real, the end credits reveal the Mitchells were based on the family of the director, Mike Rianada. And this was a touching little detail that made an already good animation so much better. 

So If you’re looking for a decent family animation to watch on Netflix, The Mitchells and the Machines is a good place to start. 

Why You Should Watch: Decent Storyline, Hilarious, Perfect Family Animation

Why You Might Skip: Predictable, Occasionally Ridiculous

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