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Why You Should Watch Palm Springs Movie (And Where to Watch it)

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If you’re looking for a good rom-com to catch this weekend, then Palm Springs Movie is a perfect candidate. Unfortunately, the movie is only available on Hulu. But if you sign up for their free trial, you can watch it right now.

But why should you watch Palm springs? (Mild Spoilers Ahead).

While at a wedding in Palm Springs, Nyles (Andy Samberg) meets Sarah (Cristin Milioti – From How I Met Your Mother), the Maid of Honor, and family black sheep. However, the pair soon realize that they’re stuck in a time loop, and over time they develop a budding romance while repeatedly reliving the same day.

Sarah And Nyles (Palm Springs Movie)
Sarah And Nyles (Palm Springs Movie)

Time loops are one of my favorite science fiction concepts from films and Tv. And while most of them follow the same rules, each one ends in their own unique way.

However, what makes Palm Springs so appealing, is how its main characters use the time loop as an excuse to hide from their problems in the real world. 

When we first meet Nyles, it’s obvious that he has lived through this wedding at least a thousand times. 

By the start of film, Nyles has not only mastered everyone’s position on the dance floor, but is also painfully aware that his girlfriend doesn’t care about him. So when it’s time for Sarah to give her Maid of Honor speech, Nyles arrives just in time to save her from embarrassing herself.

Now, this is the part of the movie where the two leading characters hookup. And true to form, Nyles and Sarah get Intimate. Or at least they’re about to, just before an arrow goes through Nyles’s shoulder, and we meet Roy (JK Simmons).

It turns out back in the early days of the time loop, Nyles partied with Roy. And after a night of alcohol and cocaine, the pair ended up in the mystical cave behind the time loop. And just like that, Roy got stuck reliving the same day with Nyles.

However, since neither Nyles nor Roy can die because of the time loop, Roy spends most of his time hunting and killing Nyles as revenge.

JK Simmons Roy (Palm Springs Movie)

But I Digress

After Roy shoots Nyles, Nyles crawls into the mystical cave to restart the loop. But Sarah follows Nyles without his knowledge and only finds that she’s now stuck with Nyles and Roy reliving the same day.

And this where the real movie begins.

Once the obligatory montage of Sarah trying to escape the loop is over, she and Nyles decide to enjoy their immortality and have as much fun as possible. And for a while, everything seems right with the world. But it’s not long before we realize that both Nyles and Sarah are hiding from their problems in real life. And eventually, those problems catch up with them. 

While we never see his life before the loop, the film makes it clear Nyles wasn’t happy in his normal life. The only person we know Nyles ever cared about was his girlfriend, Misty. And he finds out that she never loved him. So from Nyles’ perspective, remaining in a world without consequences is far better than returning to his normal life.

However, because this is a Rom-Com, Nyles eventually realizes he loves Sarah, and the pair eventually figure out how to escape to the next day.

When we next see the couple, they’re free from the endless time loop, and live happily ever after (And hopefully become better people).


Palm Springs
Palm Springs

Movie title: Palm Springs


Palm Springs is a Hilarious Rom-com that shows how hiding from our problems is never the solution. Cristin Milioti, Andy Samberg, and JK Simmons were terrific. And I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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