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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review (Trust Yourself)

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is hands down the Best animation of 2018

Asides from its incredible soundtrack and unique animation style, Into the Spider-Verse distinguishes itself by showing the struggles of becoming a hero. And in doing so, it captures the true essence of one of Marvel Comics’ best characters.

Into the Spider-Verse follows Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales, a regular teenager plagued by the same worries about life, girls, and fitting in like every other teenage Boy.

But when Miles gets bitten by an experimental spider that grants him the remarkable skills of the Spider-Man, Guess what? All that anxiety and fear don’t go anywhere (Because that’s not how life works).

And that’s one thing I love about this movie. It doesn’t present Miles’ powers as an instant fix to all his problems. But instead, it uses them as a means for Miles to rediscover himself and change his perspective on life.

But Miles doesn’t achieve this all alone.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ( Spider-Heroes)
Penny, Gwen, Spider-Ham, Miles, Peter Paker, Spider-Man Noir.

Thanks to a freak accident, Miles is fortunate enough to meet other Spider-Heroes from across the multiverse.

These five are integral to the sheer amount of joy and humor in this film (Most especially Spider-Ham). We meet a different Peter Parker from a universe where Mary Jane divorces him, and the rest of his life falls apart.

Spider Gwen Hails from a universe where Peter Parker dies in the fight Green Goblin instead of Gwen Stacy. Penny Parker comes from an anime universe while Spider-Man Noir is a hero from the 1930s. And Spider-Ham is just Perfection.

But while these heroes each have a different origin story, they all experienced everything miles is going through. And it’s with their help that Miles takes the leap of faith and becomes the hero his city needs.

And considering the movie’s main villain is Kingpin, I am glad Miles got all the help that he could.

After losing his wife and son in a tragic car accident, Wilson Fisk creates a door to other realities hoping to reunite with their alternate versions.

But sadly some things aren’t meant to be.

Wilson Fisk(Kingpin) -Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

While this Kingpin is nowhere as meticulous in planning as Vincent D’Onofrio’s depiction from the Dare Devil TV-Series, he is just as manipulative.

To no one’s surprise, Kingpin can be lethal when it comes to matters concerning his family, and movie does kill a spider or two. But thanks to the experience and skill of the Spider-Verse team, The Kingpin ends up behind bars.


Into the Spider-Verse
Into the Spider-Verse

Movie title: Into the Spider-Verse


Into the Spider-Verse is about a terrified teenage boy who tries to do the best he can, while he can. And while there’s a high chance he might fail, he also knows he’s not alone.

(P.S. Do yourself a favor and watch the post-credit scene. It’s amazing)

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