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Batman: Soul of The Dragon Review

Batman: Soul of The Dragon Review

Set in the 1970s, Batman Soul of The Dragon is an action-packed Else world story that sees Bruce Wayne teaming up with his past classmates and friends to defeat an old enemy.


The Death of Superman Review

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When a raging monster named Doomsday decimates the joint force of the Justice League, it’s left to the Man of Steel to stop this force of destruction in the most epic showdown in the DC Animated movie Universe.


Batman Ninja: A Return to The Basics

After being teleported to ancient Japan, Joker (along with other villains) takes over and becomes emperor of the land. Stripped of his weapons and resources, Batman must rely on his skills and the experience of the Batman family (Alfred, the four robins, and Catwoman) to restore peace and return to present-day Gotham.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Shows How Good The DCAU Is

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay follows Task Force X (their cooler name) as they try to retrieve a mysterious artifact for their boss, Amanda Waller. However, some the most dangerous super-villains on earth also have their sights on this object. Including the immortal Tyrant, Vandal Savage.